If you are looking for the most luxurious, lavish gowns in the city, a visit to a Chicago couture designer is necessary. Chicago is a fashion capital, and there are several top designers whose works are available in the city. Elda de la Rosa, one of the most renowned Chicago couture designers, has made a name for herself in the fashion world. Elda de la Rosa's atelier is based on vintage details but her designs have a modern feminine flair. Her gowns are featured in all fashion circles, highlighting the beauty of women and their romantic affinities.
Elda de la Rosa

Elda De La Rosa, a couture designer Chicago, has been designing gowns since 2001. She draws inspiration from organic fabrics and strong Spanish women. She has been featured in numerous media outlets including The Chicago Tribune, Chicago Social Bride, and StyleChicago. She also serves on the board of the Apparel Industry Board, Inc., a nonprofit organization that works to promote the fashion industry in the Chicago area. Elda de la Rosa's Alta Gracia line was recently showcased during the Nolcha Fashion Week in New York. A few of her pieces have been featured in magazines, newspapers, and TV shows, including the Chicago Tribune.

Though De La Rosa's business has been successful for 12 years, she has still not totally changed. The competition prompted her to rethink her business model. She used to do all of the sewing and cutting herself, but now she is confident enough to pass the work on to a trusted employee. For example, she used to reschedule fittings if she was unable to meet with a client. Nowadays, she simply tells them that an associate will do them. As a result, she no longer focuses on "pretty, perfect, custom," but instead creates quick and beautiful dresses for social occasions. She continues to sell her creations in boutiques throughout Chicago.
Ann Everett Fashion Designs

In addition to her eponymous clothing line, Ann Everett has also created unique pieces for weddings and other special events. Born and raised in Ireland, Ann Everett is a self-taught fashion designer with a passion for original pieces. The Irish designer creates one-of-a-kind pieces that are functional, freeing, and fun to wear. Her unique approach to design sets her line apart from the typical fashion school fare.

Inspired by the city's vibrant art scene, Ann Everett draws inspiration from the city. Whether it's the architecture of the buildings or the lively crowds on Randolph Street, her collections are truly eye-catching and can make any woman feel like a princess. And with her eye for detail, her clothes can be worn by a multitude of figures, including celebrities. She has a passion for creating beautiful things and is happy to answer any questions that her clients may have.
Maria Pinto

The 25th anniversary of Maria Pinto's couture design business marks the designer's return to Chicago. Over the past 25 years, Pinto has been working at the intersection of fashion and art in Chicago. Through her work, Pinto has reflected the changing role of fashion in women's lives. From couture gowns to high-tech fabrics, her creations reflect the ways women have engaged with their larger communities. During this time, Pinto has been recognized by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Advisory Council of the Art Institute of Chicago, and she has received numerous awards for her artistic talent.

In addition to her couture designs, Maria Pinto maintains an active painting studio at Mana Contemporary. The M2057 capsule collection is her latest endeavor and has received a Kickstarter campaign, raising over $270,000 to help bring her designs to life. Pinto is committed to pursuing unconventional and forward-looking ideas in her work and says she is thrilled to see the successful Kickstarter project. Regardless of the platform used to launch the new line, Maria Pinto's work is sure to inspire and delight fans of fashion.
Borris Powell

Inspired by his family and travels, Couture designer Borris Powell creates clothes that are seductive and feminine. Based in Chicago, Illinois, Powell has a boutique in the West Loop. He loves wine and time with his family. His clothing has received numerous awards, including a 2015 CFDA award for best menswear designer. Here are some facts about the designer and his work:

Born in Chicago, Borris Powell trained her eye on color and silhouette from an early age. She was influenced by the works of Christian Dior, and in 1997 moved to Chicago to pursue her design career. She has been recognized by both national and local media for her timeless fashion. Her designs are a perfect choice for any special occasion. While she emphasizes comfort and quality, she also creates pieces that are comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis.
Sam Kori George

If you've been wondering who designed that wonderful tuxedo jacket, you've come to the right place. Sam Kori George is one of the most prominent designers in Chicago and the founder of his own couture atelier. His studio is located at 1 E. Delaware Place in Chicago, and you can visit him personally to discuss your needs and design a custom dress. His atelier is large and comfortable, with a dedicated staff to meet your every fashion need.

The atelier at Sam Kori George, a chic and modern Chicago couture designer, features two separate spaces. One is a minimalist storefront with white walls and polished concrete floors, while the other contains two employee offices, a kitchen, and a workroom for cutting fabrics. Inside, you'll find George's work table, piled high with samples and swatches. The clean aesthetic, meticulous attention to detail, and impeccable craftsmanship will leave you feeling like a princess.