Tire changers are responsible for changing the tires of vehicles. There are several types of tire changers. These include Touchless, Semi-automatic swing-arm, Manual, and Heavy-duty truck models. If you're interested in learning more about the different types of tire changers, read this article! It's a great way to find out more about what you need to buy to be a tire technician. Here's a brief overview.
Touchless tire changers

Automated equipment like touchless tire changers, automatic lifts and balancers can help technicians change tires faster and easier. But these machines still require a skilled technician to use them properly. In some cases, it can take as little as two minutes to change a tire. First, a tire tech must set up the machine. Next, he or she must clamp the wheel, then mount it. Automatic equipment reduces the risk of damage.

The Hunter Auto34S tire changer machine automates the entire tire-changing process. The machine saves technicians time and reduces the risk of damaging rims or tires. It also reduces waiting time for customers and technicians. When you purchase an automatic tire changer, you'll have a choice of many brands and models. JMC carries Corghi AM26 Artiglio Master, Ranger RX3040 NextGen and Hofmann Monty FA 1000.
Semi-automatic swing-arm tire changers

If you run a low to mid-volume tire shop, you can consider a semi-automatic swing-arm tire changer. It is designed to change tyres of various sizes, from 12" to 24" in diameter. Some models have an adjustable pressing shovel to make the job easier. The semi-automatic swing-arm tire changer is a good choice for a repair shop, garage, or a low-volume shop.

Semi-automatic swing-arm tire changer machines are the most affordable options. These machines are semi-automatic, but need a manual locking mechanism and must be custom fitted for each type of tire. They typically have an infinite tool head positioning and quick change tool to fit almost any size tire. The swing-arm tire changer is an economical choice for an independent repair shop or car enthusiast. These machines are powered by a 1.5-horsepower, 115-volt electric motor.
Heavy-duty truck tire changers

Tire changers for heavy-duty trucks require larger equipment than smaller ones. The biggest models can accommodate tires up to 90.5 inches wide and 56 inches in diameter. They are typically used on construction and agricultural vehicles. The biggest models are equipped with hydraulic four-jaw chucks and clamps from 14 inches to the inside of the wheel to ensure the utmost security when changing a tire. Among their other features, these machines can work with different sizes of wheels.

The T8010TR is a heavy-duty truck tire changer from John Bean, designed for fleets of vehicles. The machine has a control panel and a dual roller for tubeless assemblies. It is perfect for trucks with reverse-drop center rims and alloy wheels. Its dual rollers are adjustable for different sizes and make changing tires easy for technicians of all levels. In addition to its dual rollers, this machine features a removable side-door door for easier access.
Manual tire changers

One of the first tools to consider purchasing when it comes to changing tires is a manual tire changer. These types of machines are used for tire changes in cars, motorcycles, and light trucks. They are designed to remove and mount tires quickly and easily. The GoPlus Manual Tire Changer is portable and features three separate tools for changing tires of different sizes. Because of its all-steel construction, this device is durable and suitable for vehicles of all sizes.

Although a manual tire changer is relatively simple to use, it should be considered a secondary option if the vehicle is used sporadically or if the car is used primarily for racing. It is best to choose a model that is easy to store and has few parts. In addition to a tire bead breaker, a manual tire changer should include a secure way to anchor it to the garage floor. Manual tire changers are ideal for those who are not skilled in tire changing but still want to avoid damaging the rim.